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As a non-profit, the Mental Health Center of Denver relies on community support to operate at the highest level to provide quality services to make Denver a stronger community. We welcome support in the form of someone’s time, voice or donations.


Volunteer opportunities are available in a variety of areas and are matched to your interests and passion.

For more info contact Joanne Aiello at 303.504.6732 or

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We partner with the donation portal for all online donations. We also accept donations of non-cash items, planned giving and gently used items to our resource centers. For questions about any of our giving methods, contact Barbara Shaw, Director of Fundraising at 303.504.6727 or at



Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the work the Mental Health Center of Denver does to strengthen the community of Denver, and about how you can support the work we do.

November 5th, 2014 at 8am-9am

Join us for our annual Gifts of Hope Fundraising Breakfast. This free event provides an opportunity to learn about how the Mental Health Center of Denver and our community can work together to improve mental wellness in Denver.

For more info contact Joanne Aiello at 303.504.6732 or at

GIFTS OF JOY Holiday Gift Drive
November - December

This holiday season, many of the nearly 17,000 children and adults that receive mental health services from us would not receive gifts except for the generous donations during our Gifts of Joy Holiday gift drive. We accept $10 gift cards and cash to help those we serve know that they are not forgotten and a valued member of our community.

For more info contact Joanne Aiello at 303.504.6732 or at


A series of free conversations that will focus on the essential elements of leadership, strengths and well-being to create healthier communities.

For more information, contact Joanne Aiello at 303.504.6732 or at

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Our funding positively affects the public far and wide in our community. Here are a couple of the places the funding goes. Many of the essential programs and services the Mental Health Center of Denver provides are only partially funded by traditional sources and we rely on philanthropic support to fully fund these important programs.

The Mental Health Center of Denver is helping find solutions to homelessness in our community by providing affordable housing, transitional housing, and residential treatment housing.

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Our on-going services to children and families in our communities are growing through enhanced outreach to emerging adults, more school-based services, youth justice programs, suicide prevention programs, and services to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We are currently seeking funding for our Strong Families Strong Children campaign to raise an initial $5 million to support the development of the child and family site in northeast Denver. This innovative project will redefine how we deliver care, offering children, families and community members a welcoming place to improve their overall well-being through health promotion, prevention and early intervention.

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Our Adult Recovery Services strive to promote recovery by providing the right treatment at the right time. This takes extensive resources to empower our clients to recover through jail diversion programs, trauma informed care and case management.

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The Mental Health Center of Denver is the national leader in strengths-based treatment and we work to find innovative ways to deliver services to provide greater access to care. We continue to lead by bringing multi-cultural and bilingual services to the community, as well as expanding our work through telebehavioral health.

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We are always striving to make Denver a stronger community. We impact nearly 50,000 people in Denver through treatment, prevention and outreach services. Our efforts save our community about $77 million in decreased hospital, jail and homeless shelter stays. And we have more than 50 locations where we provide services throughout the metro area.

We’re honored to be lead by distinguished mental health activists:


As President and CEO, Carl Clark, MD, fulfills the Mental Health Center of Denver’s vision to provide access to everyone in Denver who is in need of services. Working with our dedicated partners, he leads the Mental Health Center of Denver to broaden its reach and impact. Dr. Clark is well known in the mental health community and inspires the Mental Health Center of Denver to pursue its goal of being the Center of Excellence in recovery-focused care with the best mental health services in the country.

Jeannie Ritter

The former first lady of Colorado joined the Mental Health Center of Denver in 2012. As the Mental Health Ambassador for the Mental Health Center of Denver, she focuses her efforts on bringing a voice to mental health. She speaks publicly about mental health awareness hundreds of times a year and aims to bring the same compassion for mental illness as other ailments.

Mental Health First Aid

1 in 5 people are living with mental health issues. Learn how to recognize the signs through Mental Health First Aid. Let’s work together to make Denver a stronger community through mental wellness.

Learn how to help those around you with a certification in Mental Health First Aid.